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Do You Know

  • Enjoy facing challenges and solving problems?
  • Like your work to be meaningful?
  • Like to help people?
  • Care about health of individuals & of community?
  • Desire a career that is professionally rewarding too?
  • Want a career with excellent compensation & growth opportunities?

Get Ready to be the part of 15% growing Healthcare Industry
“Healthcare Management is a vast, challenging, progressive, complex and an ever-changing field”

With the invention of latest technological developments, health care industry in India is catching up with the other leading industries of the world. Health care sector is one of the largest sectors catering to the medical needs of innumerable people around the globe. Today the health care profession is considered as one of the most rewarding one across India & this includes thousands & thousands of hospitals, institutions which will provide primary, secondary and tertiary level care.


Healthcare Market Overview

  • Indian healthcare market could expand to Rs.1,94,000 Crore to Rs. 2,70,000 Crore by 2025 under different scenario
  • Total spends on healthcare sector currently accounts for 6.1 per cent of the country‘s GDP
  • The annual growth rate of the industry is 15% and is expected to continue at this rate for next 5-8 years
  • Expected to generate employment opportunities for 9 million people by 2025 & onwards